Let Us Help You Grow

Let Us Help You Grow.

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Let Us Help You Grow

Let us help you grow. That is the offer we proposed to non-profit organizations statewide seeking volunteers.

October 1, 2012 | Atlanta, GeorgiaTrilogy Marketing Communications (TMC) has kicked-off it’s first ‘Pro Bono Project‘.  TMC Consultants have allocated time and funding to offer and provide complimentary public relations services to an awarded non-profit organization.

What will this entail?  Well, the possibilities are endless!  Public Relations are designed to create awareness, while enhancing credibility.  In fact, Inc.com reported “studies report that, next to word-of-mouth advice from friends and family, PR carries far more weight than advertising.”

As a Communications/PR Consultant and a developing Grant Writer, I have become aware and sensitive to the needs of non-profit organizations. It astounds me when someone decides to undertake the colossal task of not only addressing global and community issues, but sets its mission to eradicate them! For this reason we say, “Let us help you grow“.

This week (October 1 – October 5), we are accepting applications that can be found on http://www.trilogymarketingcommunications.com following the promotionals tab.  Next week we will then conduct telephone interviews.  We realize the holiday season is rapidly approaching and recognize it is during this ‘giving season‘ a non-profit could benefit most from ‘raised public awareness‘ of them and the programs they offer.  With this in mind, we’ve scheduled October 22 for the award announcement (a panel of three consultants will review and determine).  This will afford us two weeks to develop strategy and planning with implementation beginning November 1, 2012.

Three weeks out (before the holiday) is ample time to reach communities, print recognition, possible appearances, and of course monetary donations.  I originally thought only a local organization could benefit from my services, but then I realize how the scope of communications has changed.  Because of technology and social media, I could ‘technically‘ provide services in India right from the comfort of my own bed!  Yes, I could, but I wouldn’t!  But seriously, I was somewhat apprehensive yet I recalled the climate and nature of these organizations.

Founders, Executives, and Board Members of non-profit organizations welcome volunteers and are very receptive and appreciative of gifted services.  They themselves started off as the first volunteers within their group. It is the kindness of their heart as to why there is even an organization.  I reasoned, there is no need for any apprehension on my part.  I know my job and I’m good at it (this is confidence vs haughtiness..I needed the boost)!  So in the words of Nike in my ear….just do it!

As to what these services will entail is yet to be determined.  We will have to wait and find out which organization is awarded and then determine their needs.  PR is not a one-size-fits-all service.  Therefore it is our goal to develop a customized program and tailored tools to ensure the non-profit reach their target market.  We will say this again….let us help you grow!

Please share this information with any organization that may benefit. And if you are an established non-profit, feel free to leave comments as to what plans have worked you.

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Take the Challenge!

October is National Women’s Small Business Month. What is it? “Women’s History Month is an annual declared month worldwide that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.”, according to Wikipedia. It is reported that women-owned businesses are one of the fastest greatest segments of the small biznez community. The Small Business Association states that about 30 percent of small business are owned by women, compared to only 5 percent in 1970.

To kick-off the celebration, SBA is offering Web Chats on Tips for Women on How to Start a Business.After receiving this information, it inspired me to get some things done this month. As women we spend a majority of our time caring for others, and we will put our ‘agenda’ on the back burner. Well not this month! This month is for me and I’m taking advantage of it!

Now with that said…..hmmmm….what shall I do? Okay, since this month belongs to ME..I am going to focus on getting things done for my business – Trilogy Marketing Communications. I spend so much time helping others get ahead in their business…that my business needs gets pushed to the side.

As you can see I haven’t been on my blog since….well let’s just say a long time. I’ve been wanting to work more on submitting articles for magazine publishing, not making the time to focus on my writing. I’ve also been wanting to film a you tube video for my website. Speaking of site, I really need to spend quality time on mine. I did create a prototype…just to get the feel and to help determine what I would want on my site, but it time for that prototype to go! Lastly I’ve been wanting to create a digital portfolio for myself.

I am going to challenge myself …4 weeks = 4 projects. That mean each week I am to get a project completed that is going to push MY business forward! I’m taking the challenge. Are you up for the challenge?

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Make a Difference Today!

>What does it take for someone to help someone in need?  A buck or two… or perhaps the cost of a cup of coffee.. u can actually feed a village.  I now understand the true concept behind that message. 

There is this rare opportunity for a business to receive ‘free’ money… yes… FREE! Who gives away free money…to a business at that!  Sure, people make donations all the time. Clothes, food, furniture, and even their time.  We know corporations often give to non-profits for political and financial reasons….and yeah..that fuzzy feeling deep down inside.  But rarely, if ever is a ‘for-profit’ organization granted free money.  There are ‘grants’ for start-up businesses but those grants are actually LOANS… as a grant writer, I’ve searched high and low for free money.

Well here it is, the opportunity for me to become eligible for small business grant money…money that doesn’t have to be repaid.  So here I am with this grand opportunity… and what is preventing me from getting the the bargaining table?  YOU….you and your vote.  Who is ‘you’?  I don’t know this person…how am ‘I’ preventing her from reaching the table?  Anyone who reads this message and not do anything to help….is preventing me.

My feelings have been hurt. I’ve been begging everywhere for people to vote for my company and as of this moment, I’ve only received 38 out of 250 votes. I’m developing a complex….what is wrong with me?  Why won’t anyone help me?

My company, Trilogy Marketing Communications (TMC) chooses to focus on other small businesses, failing mom/pop shops, and non-profit organizations.  I’m always giving back….so why won’t anyone help me?

What does it take to help someone is need? Not a buck, not even the cost of a cup of java…it only takes ONE CLICK OF A BUTTON! One click on the link below to vote and you have made a difference in someone’s life….


Please follow above link in comment box below and where it ask for business name, type in…Trilogy Marketing Communications..VOTE


So you see…Sally Struthers does make a good point…it actually cost us nothing to help…and still we (yes WE) don’t do it! I’m losing hope…if I feel this way…I can only imagine people in need of true necessities. What has this experience taught me…. to do more to help others. Take the time or the cost of a cup of java and make a difference!

Will you?  Please vote! Deadline is June 30, 2012….I thank you in advance


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Small Bussinesses Get a Break!

Small Bussinesses Get a Break!

Chase JPMorgan has teamed up with LivingSocial to fund a $250,000 grant pool in behalf of ‘for-profit’ small businesses OnLy.  Yes-you heard correct…’For-Profit’ Businesses!  There are requirements, but they are simple and basic: have been in business for at least two years, EIN, and be a ‘for-profit’ company.  Not in your wildest dreams, would you or could you, have ever dreamt this!

Years ago I began a growing interest in non-profits…thus becoming a grant-writer.  As a grant-writer, I can tell you from extensive research (on my own behalf-which means…I REALLY researched) have I come across such a generous offer from grant-makers funding ‘for-profit’ organizations. We often hear of ‘free-money’ out there…and honestly, there is…but the mass majority are for ‘non-profits’.  If you ever followed just one charitable organization…you would agree as I, they deserve it!  So this my dear is a major news flash!

Seriously speaking this is a generous offer from Chase partnering with LivingSocial.  Kudos to them for targeting challenged businesses via generating revenue with an aftermath of community development and stabilization. Objective ultimately in a strengthened economy at the same time, fueling our ever-stressed and over-taxed American fiscal budget.

For such a lavishly and charitably gift, the process is pretty simple.  One you meet the basic eligibility requirements, only two steps remain (on your behalf).  You complete an on-line application, and as with any major funding, politic and lobby to get as many votes as required…250 votes are required to move into what I consider Phase 3 of the process. 

Phase 1 is meeting eligibility requirements: Phase 2 is completion of on-line application; Phase 3 is getting family, friends, neighbors, supporters, strangers….you get the point..anyone to vote for you. Laugh as you may, but this voting process is crucial, without the required votes, you do not get to move forward and your application never reaches the panel! 

Phase 4 is application review by a board of panelist. You have can imagine the regular starchy nine-to-five corporate heads…but pleasantly surprised Candace Nelson sits on this board of panelists.  If the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell…think sprinkles…then think cupcakes.  She is the founder and owner of the renowned Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery in sunny California.  I just recently watched her on a town hall meeting hosted by CNBC discussing her path to success.  If not familiar with California or Sprinkles bakery, then surely you’ve heard of TV Food Network series Cupcake Wars…..yeah…she is the female judge on the show.  I read that she has a financial background in banking…so it makes sense for her to sit on this panel…banking and small businesses.  She could definitely empathize!

If your application does make it to the panel table, considerations are as for any other business loans (but this you do not have to pay back). Factors such as experience, growth, impact on community and economy, potential for success and leadership ability. If agreed by all…recipients will be notified and final notification will be made by September 15, 2012. If granted funds, and actually accepts funds…then there are some terms…taxes, guidelines…yada, yada, yada…at that point…who cares!  You have $250,000 to fully establish and build your business.

If you haven’t applied, there is still time.  What I like is that in the voting process…you can vote for as many businesses as you like. It’s not like one vote for me is one less vote for you.  Everyone needs 250 votes just to move forward in the application process.

So if you haven’t voted yet or even if you did take this time to vote for Trilogy Marketing Communications….it is indeed crunch time.

Deadline is June 30, 2012  – but don’t delay..vote for me today…(told you it was political)….happy voting!


Image Trilogy Marketing Communications


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Atlanta Chef Wins Food Network TV Series Cupcake Wars!


Atlanta Pastry Chef Wins on Food Network TV Series “Cupcake Wars”

Fairburn, GAJune 17, 2012   Lorre Jacobs-Daniel, award winning Pastry Chef was crowned on Food Network’s nationally acclaimed TV Series “Cupcake Wars” as Champion!  The former Pastry Chef of the Blue-Eyed Daisy Bakery (in the renowned Serenbe Community), has recently launched her own venture, Southern Cosmopolitan Baking Company. “As a new business owner, I am beyond excited to have won such a recognized competition!”

In addition to cupcake towers, wedding creations, and other delectable upscale desserts, So Cosmo specializes is “Vintage Desserts”.  Jacobs-Daniel’s Heirloom Cakes are highlights of this baking company and aid in setting her apart from her peers. Her unique approach is sure to satisfy all clientele, as did the Food Network TV Series Cupcake Wars judges!

With the launching of So Cosmo Baking, Chef Lorre kicked-off a mentoring program with Georgia’s Fulton County Schools, ‘Give Back Through Baking’.  This program guides young entrepreneurs in the approach of start-up bakery businesses.

Southern Cosmopolitan Baking Company

Vintage taste, with a cosmopolitan flair!


Media Consultant:Liz Keith – Trilogy Marketing Communications trilogymarketingcommunications.com  trilogymc.tmc@gmail.com  “LIKE” fb Trilogy Marketing Communications   Follow@TrilogyMC

Southern Cosmopolitan Baking Company   socosmobaking.com  socosmobaking@gmail.com   “LIKE” fb SoCosmoBaking   Follow@SoCosmoBaking Pinterest.com/socosmo

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